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Our Web Development Company’s Mobile Web Designs

Thursday, October 16th, 2014

As a web development company, FixMyWeb let’s your website stay trendy that is why we offer responsive website designs. This is because more people are starting to use mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets to browse social media outlets, check emails and do some online shopping. We can say that mobile is taking over Internet surfing. With the increase of mobile internet usage worldwide, it’s highly recommended to have your website mobile friendly.

Responsive Web Design is a collection of techniques that allow websites to flex and adapt to the size of screen it’s being viewed on. A good Web Development Company such as FixMyWeb gives priority to design and functionality. Building one means we’re thinking about all the different ways on how people will view a particular website. It makes your site easier to use by recognizing and integrating things like touch screens to aid navigation. Now, you can say goodbye to loading a huge website and having to zoom in and out to find the contents you’re searching for.

Benefits of a Responsive Web Design by the leading Web Development Company

Reach desktop, laptop, tablet and mobile audiences

  • Traditionally, users would be redirected to a device specific site, but having a responsive design means one site can be implemented across different devices.

Boost sales and conversion rates

  • The user has an enhanced site experience as there is no need for redirection. The use of unified design will also create a steady look and feel. This will also have a positive impact on your conversion rates as clients will be more familiar with navigation and site or system use with different devices. It will remove some of the barriers that having multiple sites can present when it comes to functionality and performance.

Develop your reporting and analytics

  • Site analytics tools (i.e. Google Analytics) are now optimized to handle multiple devices and responsive reporting. All your analytics and tracking will continue to work and be condensed in a single report, which will allow easier monitoring and analysis.

Save time and cost on mobile development and site management

  • A responsive design takes less time than building an additional stand-alone mobile site, which has been the conventional approach. Testing across websites also improves your development, support and maintenance overhead.
  • People will also find it way more easier and less time consuming to manage and maintain a single site with much less content to manage. Moreover, a single administrative interface can easily be optimized with the use of layout and workflow tools to manage the correct content and site templates that are used for different kinds of devices.

SEO friendly

  • Responsive Design means you can maintain one website with a single set of hypertext links which will reduce the time spent managing your site. It will allow you to focus on link outreach with a consolidated Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategy. Take note that SEO campaigns can be time consuming and costly, but by creating a responsive site, all your efforts can be focused on one site, with combined strategy and tactics across devices.

Responsive design that is being offered by Web Development Company isn’t just a trend, it’s a must. Being able to offer consumers an extraordinary optimized experience regardless of their choice of device means you’ll have expanded the reach of your service and the chances you have of engaging with clients. The abiding nature of this approach is especially valuable and the cost effectiveness is a clear advantage.

The leading Web Development Company, Fix My Web is here to provide you a responsive website. If you want to know more, contact us now at 02-859-928-26.

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