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Guideline for Great SEO Sydney Australia

Monday, May 23rd, 2016

When you do SEO, you should never forget that there are rules to follow to make the result of SEO more effective and efficient. If you plan to bring your website on top of the search engines but does not know much about SEO itself, then you can hire FixMyWeb to help you bring your website to the top by providing you with great SEO Sydney Australia services. Search Engine Optimization done by professionals will greatly help promote your business and help you find the right customers. No business is hard to sell as long as you know how to promote yourself properly.

Although SEO helps, if it is not properly done, you would only be wasting time, effort and money for nothing. That is why you should know the rules of SEO Sydney Australia to make sure that you are doing it the right way. Fix My Web is one of the leading provider of quality SEO Sydney Australia , we provide the best SEO experts to deliver a great a high quality SEO service that is surely effective in promoting your business. Right now, we are going to give you the different rules of SEO.

Here’s Fix My Web’s SEO Sydney Australia ‘s Rules of SEO


One URL per Page

  • Your website should be strategically designed and each page of the web should only have one URL so that search engine crawlers are able to visit each page of your site at a single web address.

Content Consistency

  • The design should be consistent: from the text size, font, and even the combination of colors. Don’t create to many product pages with different looks as it may confuse the visitors of your website.


  • Make the navigation keys and buttons easy to find and user-friendly. If the viewers cannot find the right buttons to proceed to the next pages, he might get irritated and you would loose a customer instead of gaining one.

Alt Tags

  • Alt tags adds value to your page if the photos are broken. It describes the images through alt text, so that the viewers will have idea what the image is if it doesn’t appear properly.

Make Good Use of the keywords

  • The keywords are another important part of the SEO. It would greatly help you bring your website on top of the search engines. It would help to do research about the keywords to help you gain more knowledge about it and maximize it’s effectiveness.

If you are having problem bringing your website on top of the search engines, hire SEO Sydney Australia . Contact us now at 0285992826!

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