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SEO Guidelines from our SEO Company

Thursday, November 12th, 2015

Fix My Web is the leading web development company in Sydney and we are here to help you with your business website issues by providing top quality and effective solutions. We also give tips and guides for people who are Starting a Business, Creating their own Web Design and E-commerce Business Websites. We are also the Best SEO company: we are able to put your website to the top, maximizing your websites effectiveness and sales through SEO!

As the best SEO Company , Fix My Web helps business not only by providing high quality services, we also give tips and guides for our customers to have a better understanding of SEO and other web development solutions. Our experts and specialist have gathered the most helpful things and is going to share them to our customers. We assure every client that we are indeed the best SEO Company and this time, we are going to give you the importance and benefits of SEO. Before we go to the benefits, let us first know what SEO is.

Search Engine Optimization.

  • There are many providers of the Best SEO Sydney services, but what really is SEO?
  • SEO is the process of getting traffic from the free, organic, editorial or natural search results on search engines.

Benefits of the Best SEO Company

  • Search Engine Optimization will keep your business website on top of a search engine, allowing potential customers to see the site when they are looking for a corresponding service. Having your website on top of the search engine will also increase its credibility and reputation. With more people trusting your company, you will have more customers and more sales.
  • SEO helps with the traffic increase. Traffic is a great factor that will affect the promotion of your business website reaching the top of search engines.
  • SEO increases the visibility of your business website to potential customers. Even if there are lots of competitors in your industry, if you have great SEO and your website can be found at the first page of search engines, you will still have advantage and people will choose you.
  • SEO is much Cheaper. SEO is somehow related to advertisement. And it is a good and much cheaper form of advertisement. Compared to Television, radio or printed advertisement, SEO have a much higher value as most people now use the internet to shop. Also, unlike in the said advertisements, with SEO you will have to pay only once for the creation of the website and you will already be able to advertise your business over and over.

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Search Engine Optimization plays an essential role in increasing a business websites traffic. If you want to have your website on the first page of search engines, you have to follow the rules of SEO or work with the Best SEO Sydney provider, Fix My Web. Like any other important tasks, SEO also has rules to be followed to prove, maximize and boost effectiveness.

Best SEO Sydney 2

Best SEO Company ‘s Rules of SEO

One URL per Page

  • Search Engine crawlers are only able to visit each page of your site at one web address, so using a single URL per page is really helpful for the search engines to detect your site. Too many URLs may not be read by Google Webmaster Tools.

Increase Social Shares

  • Social Media Engagement is an important type of best SEO Company. The influence of Social Media to the world of SEO is growing and it will still grow more. It adds to the business exposure allowing potential customers to view their sites and other people to gain interest in your business.

Build an Authority Website

  • To create a Website with authority, you must consider 3 factors: Age, Reputation and Quality Content. The age defines how long you have your website and how old is the domain. Is your website regularly updated? If your website has a good reputation, more people will learn to trust your company and business. Quality content draws people towards your website, giving you more and more customers.

Authority Links

  • Link Building is another important part of SEO. It is a core signal that Google built its search engine on. You will never waste your time if you invest in attracting high authority links.

Best SEO Company ’s Effective SEO Techniques

Links Submission

  • One effective SEO technique is to submit your website and web page links to directories. Directory sites are the source of information to customers. If you submit your links to directories, there’s a greater chance that customers will see what services or products you offer.


  • Incorporating the keyword in the main title of the page is important because it helps in garnering higher SEO Rankings. You should also apply meta-tags and meta-keywords in your page to boost the effect of the keyword.


  • Backlinking is a hyperlink that links your website from another site. You can ask other web masters so that you can exchange links with them. Every time that a site is linked to your page, it’s saying that your website is worth sharing. However, Backlinks should come from relevant sites that contain quality content.

Website Re-optimization

  • This technique is optimizing a website that is already up and running. If your website already has a position on the search engines, you might not notice that it slowly goes down. That’s why you might need to re-optimize your website to bring you ranks even higher instead of fall.

If you want to bring your website to the top of search engines, then you will need the best SEO Company to help you with that. Fix My Web has SEO Specialists that has undergone training and research just to be able to help clients to achieve business success. We can work together and we can bring your website to the top of the search engines!

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