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Typography Design Tips from Graphic Design Companies

Monday, August 22nd, 2016

Graphic design plays an important role in businesses, for advertisement, web design and other important purposes. They are the ones who create images, infographics and other visual arts to attract the customers. If you want to a great design for advertising your business, then you should get a professional help from Graphic Design Companies to provide you with creative Graphic Designers. If you are looking for one, FixMyWeb is the leading provider of professional graphic designers. They provide high quality designs for your website and other advertising needs.

 Rules for Graphic Design from Graphic Design Companies

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Kerning, in typography is the process of adjusting the spacing between characters in a proportional font to achieve a better look. It doesn’t sound that much but a good kerning will actually help a lot in creating a clear visual of your text and uniformity in the whole design. It also creates a neat and order way of text placement.

Text Legibility

  • The primary purpose of design is communication. You are suppose to relay a message to the viewers. But how will they be able to understand the message that you want to share if the text is not readable. Not all designs have text included, but for those that includes text, it is important that the text you put in the design is not too small nor have a low contrast of color with the background. You wouldn’t want to piss off the readers by putting unreadable text.

Purposeful Hierarchy

  • This is a powerful tool that you can use in your design. Hierarchy concerns the arrangement of visual elements in order to signify their importance. The more important elements should have more emphasis and more attention by using a different color, larger size and font style. The less important details should hold the less attention.

Word Spacing

  • Word Spacing has the same effect as kerning. The difference is that kerning is the spaces between each character, and word spacing is obviously the spaces between words. Spacing is very important in a typography design and there are two main points used in spacing: tracking and leading. Leading is the adjustment of space between vertical lines. The tracking tool adjusts the space between characters and words in a more general way.

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