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Principles of Good Website Design

Sunday, October 9th, 2016

A good website design for your business will play a big role in attracting potential clients. Websites that are poorly designed will also bring poor results. Before you hire web designers, make sure that they know the principles behind the best Sydney Website Design . If the principles have been followed in designing your business website, you will sure have more clients. A good website attracts clients because they see your website pleasing to the eye plus a well-design website is an indication that you take your business seriously.

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Here are the Principles of a Good Website Design


Visual Hierarchy

  • Visual Hierarchy is one of the most important principles behind a good website design. Know that there are certain parts of your website that is more important than others. If you want a certain part of your website to have more attention than the less important features, then visual hierarchy is what you need. But take note that you should rank your website’s elements based on your business objectives. If you don’t have a specific goal, then you won’t know what to prioritize and this will not be effective.

Design Purpose

  • You should have a defined purpose for your website. A good website design always caters to the needs of the users. Your purpose could be to provide information, entertainment, and a type of interaction or business transaction. Even the pages of your website needs to have a clear purpose. This will not only fulfill your purpose or website objective but will also meet the needs of your web users. Your website should reflect your company’s purpose.


  • Web users always want fast information and there is no better to deliver important information to the clients than a clear communication. You have to make sure that the information you put in your website is concise and clear. Some tactics that can be effective are the use of headings, sub headings and bullet points.

Website Images

  • This is related to visual hierarchy. The image you put in your website speaks a thousand words and it is important that you choose an image that will represent your brand and connect with your audience. You should also make sure to have quality and professional photos as this will have a great effect on your website.

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